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The New RingCentral Support Center: Visit the Support Center and Get Rewarded!

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Superfan Program Overview Have you noticed the black bar at the bottom of the RingCentral blog? It’s the user interface for RingCentral’s new-and-improved Superfan Program.

Previously, the Superfan Program operated on an invitation-only basis. Now, it’s open to anyone – all you need to sign up is a Facebook account or an email address. The benefits of being a Superfan include product beta test opportunities, RingCentral swag, unique online discussion groups, and lots more.

The program operates on a points system. After signing up, simply visit RingCentral web pages, share RingCentral on your Facebook and Twitter accounts or comment on RingCentral’s blog posts to receive points. The points you accrue may be redeemed for a number of cool prizes.

thumb drive Plus, for a limited time (between now and July 26), you can earn double Superfan points by visiting the new RingCentral Support Center. Our Superfan Program tracks visits to the Support Center (and any other site on the RingCentral domain, a.k.a., so you don’t have to do anything special. Simply sign up for the Superfan program by clicking on the black bar at the bottom of this page, then start visiting and sharing.

You’ll be well on your way to earning great prizes like RingCentral thumb drives, orange 3.5mm handsets and even a Jawbone in-ear Bluetooth headset – so check the Superfan Program out today! And don’t forget to visit the RingCentral Support Center between now and July 26 to get double Superfan points.


Originally published Jul 12, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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