Wolfram Alpha Are you familiar with RingCentral’s apps for iOS and Android? Both allow you to place and receive calls over VoIP (using a Wi-Fi or data connection), send faxes, schedule conferences and manage your RingCentral phone system on the go.

Downloading RingCentral’s mobile apps is easy – just navigate to the RingCentral website’s iOS and Android app pages. Alternatively, you can visit the App Store or Play Store (depending on which mobile operating system you’re using) and search “RingCentral”.

Have you already downloaded and installed the RingCentral app? You can find information about using and configuring it at the RingCentral Support Center’s smartphone apps page.

This page features a number of knowledge base articles on RingCentral’s iOS and Android apps. For example, one covers the download process. Another describes how to add personal contacts to your RingCentral account via the RingCentral app. (There are separate Android and iOS articles for the latter topic.)

The Support Center also includes helpful videos like this one:

If you need additional assistance, you can always open a support ticket at the Support Center. Just look for the “Contact Support” button and click “Open a Case”.

And for more in-depth coverage of the RingCentral apps’ latest features, check out this blog post from mid-June (when we last updated both our iOS and Android apps). The updates included a VoIP call quality indicator and a conference-creation feature (on select RingCentral plans).

Enjoy the RingCentral app experience!

Featured photo courtesy of Johan Larsson via photopin cc.