Presence-r1 Ever want to see whether a colleague’s phone line is busy? RingCentral offers a presence feature that can keep you apprised of the availability of everyone in your office.

RingCentral Presence, included on all Office plans in the US and Canada, lights up your desk phone to show you which of your coworkers is free to accept calls. It even works with smartphones – colleagues logged in to the RingCentral app on their Android or iOS devices will be visible on Presence-enabled desk phones. (For the full list of phones that will work with Presence, click this link.)

On Presence-capable phones, people whose phone lines are busy will have red lights next to their extension name on your phone display. Available extensions, meanwhile, are marked in green.

Presence is a simple and effective way to stay informed of your colleagues’ availability – it’s ideal for employees who need to see if their managers are occupied, for example.

If you need help configuring Presence or learning about its capabilities, the RingCentral Support Center is here to help. Visit the Presence section of the Support Center to find knowledge base articles and videos than can give you more information about Presence.

For example, check out Presence FAQ to get answers to common questions and find a list of Presence-capable phones. You can also use the Support Center’s search feature to find articles related to Presence – just enter “presence” in the search field and hit Enter.

And for personalized assistance setting Presence up on your account, simply open a help ticket at the Support Center’s Contact Support page!

Are you using Presence yet?