RingCentral provides notification options for faxes, fax transmission results, voicemails and more. Do you know how to configure notification settings the way you want?

It’s easy to access message and notification settings at the user level. Once you’ve logged in to your RingCentral account, simply hover over Settings and select “My Settings”. You’ll see a “Messages & Notifications” button on the left side of your screen; click it to get to the message and notification settings area.


Here you can opt for a default or custom voicemail greeting, choose whether your extension will take voicemail messages (voicemail is on by default) and determine where notifications get delivered.

Message and notification settings are particularly important for the administrator extension, as text messages sent to a RingCentral account’s main number will be delivered to this extension. Depending on how your account is configured, fax and voicemail messages may also be delivered to the administrator extension.

For more details on messages and notifications, visit the RingCentral Support Center’s Messages and Notifications section – or watch the helpful video below.

And don’t miss everything else the RingCentral Support Center – hosted at https://success.ringcentral.com – has to offer. It features dozens of how-to videos and hundreds of knowledge base articles that can help you get familiar with your RingCentral phone system.

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