company settings Thus far in the “New RingCentral Support Center” series, we’ve discussed the Support Center’s number transfer and billing sections. In today’s post, we’ll walk through its Company Settings section.

What are Company Settings? Put simply, they’re settings that affect your RingCentral phone system at the company level – that is, for your main company number and your auto-receptionist. (You must log in as a RingCentral account administrator to view Company Settings.)

Company Settings – found in the new RingCentral interface by navigating to Settings > Phone System – are where you add Departments and Users, order new phones and add new company-level numbers.

In addition, Company Settings is where you go to adjust company-level answering rules and set your company business hours. (Note that you can also set business hours for individual departments or users. If that’s something you elect to do, it can make sense to set your company business hours to 24 hours and adjust your department or user business hours individually.)

In the RingCentral Support Center, the Company Settings section can walk you through all of these functions. For example, the Setting Up Company Business Hours video demonstrates how to adjust company-level business hours.

Or, if you’d like to learn more about troubleshooting your RingCentral IP phones, you should read the “Basic troubleshooting tips for your phones” article.

The Company Settings section of the Support Center includes both videos and articles like these, so visit today to check it out! A solid knowledge of RingCentral Company Settings will help you understand how to get the most from your RingCentral phone system.

And don’t forget: There’s a lot more help available in the Support Center at We’ll cover more Support Center sections in the weeks to come.