Quickly transfer live calls to another device with Call Flip!

Call Flip is one of our lesser-known features – but if you rely on a number of different phones (e.g., desk phone, cell phone, the RingCentral softphone), Call Flip could become something you use quite often.


The direct numbers you have linked to your extension (visible by logging in to your RingCentral account at https://service.ringcentral.com and navigating to Settings > Phone System > Users) will automatically populate your Call Flip numbers list.

Direct numbers

To add other numbers to this list (like, say, your cell phone number), navigate to Settings > My Settings > Call Handling & Forwarding.

Above the blue “Ring as group” and “Split group” buttons, find and click the “Ring my existing phone numbers” link.

Ring my existing numbers

Here you can add as many as four additional numbers in the empty fields (Home, Mobile, Other, Work). Make sure to click Save at the bottom once you’ve added the numbers you want to use as Call Flip numbers.

Then look for the “Call Flip” button near the bottom of the Call Handling & Forwarding pane. Click it to see your Call Flip assignments – you can rearrange the list as you see fit.

Call Flip

Make a note of the Call Flip shortcut (*1, *2, etc.) assigned to each of your numbers. When you’re in a call, simply enter the shortcut code to “flip” the call to the number assigned to that shortcut.

See? It’s easy! Call Flip is just another way RingCentral helps you take your business phone system on the go.

If you need help with Call Flip, be sure to check out the RingCentral Support Center’s Call Flip section for knowledge-base articles like setting Call Flip options as an account administrator or setting Call Flip options as a user.

If you’re having an issue configuring Call Flip and you’d like assistance from a product specialist, you can also create a case at the Support Center. Simply visit the Contact Support page and click the “Open a case” button.

Featured photo courtesy of JB London via photopin cc.