Thus far we’ve discussed the new RingCentral Support Center’s Billing, Number Transfer and Company Settings sections. This week we’ll be covering the Auto-Receptionist.

Auto Receptionist Overview Thumb

What is the Auto-Receptionist? As its name suggests, it controls what callers hear when they reach your RingCentral business number. In Auto-Receptionist, you control your settings for:

Greetings: where you can select a default or custom greeting (what customers will hear when they dial your company number)
Company hours: to determine at which hours calls will be directed to extensions or voicemail
– Dial-by-name directory: which enables callers to search for members of your organization
– Operator extension: where callers will be directed if they press “0”
– Call Recording: which can be on-demand or automatic (for select plans).

In addition to greeting callers, the Auto-Receptionist can route calls depending on the time of day, day of the week, called number, incoming caller ID or certain other parameters. That means it represents the “public face” of your business – so it’s worth figuring out how to optimize your Auto-Receptionist settings!

In the latest version of RingCentral’s web interface, the Auto-Receptionist can be found under Settings > Phone System. (You must log in as an admin to reach Phone System and change your Auto-Receptionist settings.)

The below overview video – which can be found in this section of the Support Center – explains in detail what the Auto-Receptionist does.

And, if you’re interested in learning about other RingCentral company-level settings, check out last week’s blog post or navigate to the Company Settings area of the Support Center.