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Whether you have a RingCentral Fax, RingCentral Professional or RingCentral Office plan, you have the ability to send and receive faxes using your RingCentral account. medium_3183174451

You can use a variety of devices to send a RingCentral fax. That means your communiques aren’t anchored to a physical fax machine – although, if you have a RingCentral-provisioned analog telephone adapter (ATA), you can use a fax machine, too!

What are the three ways you can fax with RingCentral?

1. FaxOut

FaxOut makes it possible to fax through the RingCentral online interface. Using a PC or Mac, log in to your RingCentral account at and click the FaxOut link on the top-right corner of the page. You’ll see this window pop up:



Enter one or more fax numbers and attach the files you want to send. Then click Send Now. That’s it!

2. Email-to-fax Email to fax

With email-to-fax, you can send a fax from your email inbox! To enable email-to-fax for your email address – you can add as many as 5 addresses per RingCentral extension – visit the RingCentral online interface at and click Settings > My Settings. Then select Outbound Fax Settings at the bottom. You’ll see a “Faxes Sent via Email” section; add your personal email addresses here to be able to send faxes from those addresses. Make sure to click Save when you’re done adding.

To send an email-to-fax message, just enter the ten-digit number [at] (e.g., in the To: field.

3. RingCentral Desktop

The RingCentral Desktop for Windows and for Macintosh is available as a free download for all RingCentral customers. (It’s in the online interface – click Tools > Desktop to download it.)

Once you’ve installed the software on your Mac or Windows computer, simply doubleclick and log in with your extension info. You’ll be able to see your received faxes in one place by clicking the Fax tab – and you can easily create a new fax by clicking the “Compose Fax” icon on the blue bar at the bottom.

One cool feature unique to RingCentral Desktop is the ability to Schedule your fax to send at a particular day and time. .

What’s your favorite way to send a fax with RingCentral? Let us know in the comments! And visit the RingCentral Support Center for more helpful information on faxing – like how to use email-to-fax and using FaxOut.

Originally published Jun 11, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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