Last week we announced our Collaborative Contact Center solution, which transforms the way organizations manage customer engagement. RingCentral Contact Center™ integrated with RingCentral Glip®, a team messaging solution, and the new RingCentral Pulse™ enable agents to communicate and collaborate across their organizations in real time to resolve customer issues efficiently.

RingCentral Pulse offers a number of critical functionalities to help improve contact center performance. It provides intelligent bots that monitor, in real time, critical contact center metrics. If these metrics exceed certain thresholds, or aren’t meeting others, the bots automatically alert key stakeholders directly within RingCentral Glip team messaging. Supervisors and agents can take immediate action to make changes to correct the problems and communicate these fixes all from within RingCentral Glip. In addition, agent groups in the contact center now automatically have corresponding teams right within RingCentral Glip to enlist the help of other agents or experts quickly.

Key capabilities  of RingCentral Pulse for Contact Center include:

  • Automated KPI Monitoring: A series of intelligent bots monitor various performance parameters of the contact center, informing supervisors when problems emerge so immediate action can be taken.
  • Smart Alert Distribution: When KPIs are not being met, leading to subpar service levels or operational inefficiencies, contact center alerts and notifications are delivered within RingCentral Glip teams. These alerts provide supervisors with real-time access to critical operational contact center insights so they can take action and expedite the resolution quickly.

RingCentral Pulse for Contact Center

  • Ease of Configuration: Supervisors can easily configure and tailor important KPIs for agents, teams, and skill groups for which they are responsible, as well as identify who should get notified to take immediate action, right from within RingCentral Glip.
  • Team Sync: Contact center agent groups defined in a contact center application now appear as Teams in RingCentral Glip, so agents and supervisors can post messages and exchange files that will reach the whole agent group, thereby improving internal collaboration.
  • Mobility Enabled: Alerts and notifications are available on desktop and mobile devices, enabling supervisors to take action, no matter their location.

RingCentral Pulse for CC Mobile

With the introduction of the Collaborative Contact Center solution we are excited to offer a unique approach that goes beyond the traditional contact center. We’re also excited to share the news that RingCentral Pulse for Contact Center beta will be available in Q2 2018. Demos will be shown at Enterprise Connect 2018 in Orlando, Florida, from March 12–15 at booth #1907.