I’ve spent most of the last 20 years working in product marketing and product management in the contact center space. Much of my job has involved talking about trends and advancements in customer experiences and engagement. Over the years, I’ve promoted a number of interesting ways to engage with customers:

  • 1993: Fully automated email and voice-based open enrollment
  • 1999: Linguistics-based email response and omnichannel customer engagement
  • 2009: Seamless customer engagement from a mobile app

It’s been fun learning how technology can solve some big problems, and I love being an evangelist. But so much of what I have done has involved trying to usher people in to the future. So imagine my surprise when I starting working at RingCentral and found customers being so innovative with our technology that they’re already embracing the future in their organizations every day.

A few weeks ago, I attended ConnectCentral 2017, the annual RingCentral conference. At the event in San Francisco, we wanted to capture the stories of our customers and how they’re using RingCentral technology to do some pretty futuristic things. So, we invited communications industry analyst Sheila McGee-Smith to attend the conference and interview some of our users about their innovative approaches to customer engagement.

During her interviews, Sheila talked with a broad range of companies that are disrupting their industries with new approaches to customer engagement. For example, Carvana is changing the way people buy cars, helped in part by using RingCentral Contact Center as a critical component of a unified communications strategy. The company uses the technology to seamlessly move callers back and forth between their sales offices and centralized call center, ensuring customers quickly get to the right resource for their specific questions. You can read Sheila’s in-depth blog post on Carvana here.

Sheila and I will be sharing more of what we learned from customers at ConnectCentral 2017 at an upcoming webinar on Thursday, November 16, entitled “Disruptive Customer Engagement.” I hope you can join us to hear how some leading companies today are leveraging the full power of integrated cloud contact center and unified communications solutions to further their businesses. Register today.