I admire teachers. So much so, I married one. From watching my wife, I’ve seen first-hand just how much work is involved with being a teacher. Teachers not only have the responsibility to engage and educate young minds, but they also need to partner with parents/guardians, administrators, and other teachers.

These partnerships are critical for student success. However, keeping all these stakeholders aligned and synchronized can be frustrating and consumes valuable instructional time—plus it robs teachers of personal time.

That’s why I think teachers like my wife could benefit from using a team messaging and collaboration tool like RingCentral Glip. These types of solutions provide teachers with a single go-to app for communicating and working with anyone, on any device. Imagine, no more running to a certain classroom computer station or phone or juggling multiple communications programs.

Products like RingCentral Glip can seamlessly launch any type of communication—whether voice, video, chat, or online meetings—to a single set or group of parents. Chat capabilities with built-in file sharing allows educators to communicate easily with other teachers and administrators. Best of all, document version control becomes a thing of the past.

I recently created an infographic that illustrates the powerful capabilities of RingCentral Glip in the classroom. Please share it with your favorite teacher or any other education professionals you may know.