We recently reached out to a segment of the Spiceworks VoIP community of IT professionals to find out their thoughts and opinions about VoIP technology and cloud-based phone systems.  Of those who answered our online survey, we gained much insight including this interesting finding – 82% of respondents who don’t use VoIP for business communications are now considering adopting it to replace their existing phone system! Here are some more interesting details from the survey.

The majority of IT professionals are comfortable using VoIP in their personal life, but a growing number are also seeing the substantial benefits and cost savings of the technology for business telecommunications. In fact, many who responded to the survey said they would feel comfortable using a cloud-based phone system for their business. With an increasing percentage of business calls going through employees’ mobile phones, the call management features that a cloud-based phone system offers are particularly beneficial.

For those who have already made the switch to VoIP for business communications, sound quality, flexibility and mobility were the benefits with which respondents were most impressed. Interestingly, just 5 percent of those who answered the survey are considering using solely mobile phones for business purposes.

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We also encourage you to check out our community on Spiceworks! We regularly post product information, promotions and specials. It’s also a great site for connecting with others within the IT industry.