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Superfan Randy Brightman Discovers Savings and Flexibility With RingCentral

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RingCentral customer Randy Brightman has long been a video technology enthusiast. He started his career as a camera operator and, as the president of technology at television production company USEducationTV, he now uses cutting-edge videography systems on a daily basis.

Randy has been involved with online video since its earliest days, as well. One of USEducationTV’s sister companies, WP Productions, released its library of hunting and fishing videos on the internet more than seven years ago (just a year after YouTube was founded).

Randy’s involvement in the hunting and fishing world is actually what led him into education videos, he tells us. WP Productions (and a related company, Outdoor Channel Outfitters) had developed an enormous amount of expertise in digital video production, and they realized that they could apply their knowledge to the underserved high school video market.

Today, USEducationTV provides a video platform for nearly 200 high schools. The firm supplies video-on-demand services, advertising tools and 24×7 tech support to its client base. And, Randy reports, more high schools are signing up every month.

USEducationTV’s growth has been rapid enough that it plans to hire as many as 10 new employees at its rural Georgia office, Randy adds.

Randy Brightman, President of Technology at USEducationTV

With those expansion plans in place – and round-the-clock tech support a linchpin of its service – USEducationTV needed a phone solution that ensures both constant connectivity and substantial flexibility. That’s why Randy became a RingCentral customer.

It’s RingCentral’s feature set, however, that turned Randy into a Superfan. RingCentral’s forwarding rules make it a snap for Randy and his colleagues to take support calls when they’re out of the office. Plus, Randy can switch on the Do-Not-Disturb (DND) feature if he wants all calls to go straight to voicemail.

“I can go on my cell phone, pull up browser and change my rules,” he says. “The other day the whole office went to town for lunch, so I put all our lines on DND for a couple hours.” 

Not only is USEducationTV able to access enterprise-level features that its old PBX service didn’t provide – it is paying a lot less for these features. Conventional PBX service was costing the company nearly $1,000 per month, many hundreds of dollars more than what it pays now for RingCentral.

Between the features and the savings, Randy and USEducationTV are thrilled they switched to RingCentral VoIP service.

“Now, we can take calls the proper way,” Randy says. “We’re able to do our jobs from any location, too. RingCentral is just a nice fit for our business.”

Visit USEducationTV’s Facebook page and Twitter page to stay up-to-date with everything they’re doing!

Originally published Nov 05, 2012, updated Aug 07, 2020

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