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mobileappimagejuly Thanks to mobile technology, being a small business owner no longer means being tied to an office for 12 hours a day. With a mobile device, you can not only keep up with email and social-media sites on the go but have all the benefits of a professional phone system in the palm of your hand.

RingCentral’s app is available for Android, Blackberry and iPhone and are free to download. What does the app let you do?

• Voice and fax messages can be easily routed from your office phone or PC to your mobile device and sent instantly – with email or SMS notifications.
• Calls can be made without using minutes from your wireless plan, even when Wi-Fi isn’t available.
• Present a professional image by showing your RingCentral main number as your caller ID.
• Use the call management feature to select only the calls you want to receive when away from the office.

Keeping up with customers when traveling or working from remote locations has never been easier. Download RingCentral’s app today!

RingCentral App for Android

RingCentral App for Blackberry

RingCentral App for iPhone

Originally published Jul 25, 2011, updated Aug 07, 2020

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