Many small and medium-sized businesses are challenged with staying close to their customers. Imagine you are a dentist – how would you reach your client for the next 6-month appointment? You are a real-estate agent – how would your customer reach you when they are ready for their next home? You are a tax preparer – is there a way to reach back to your customer next year, reliably?

Keeping track of phone numbers and mailing addresses only goes so far. Thankfully, social networks like LinkedIn offer an opportunity to reach your customers without having to manage their contact information, or mail out postage cards. Social networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook allow each member to manage his or her own contact information. Once you establish a connection with your customers on these networks, contacting them becomes a lot quicker and more reliable.

Many social dialing apps like Viber and Socialdial pull in the list of your connections from LinkedIn and Facebook and allow you to dial them directly, regardless of their latest phone number. Social networks are the new address books. Your customers are already there.

Are you on board?