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RingCentral Debuts SMS Integration for Box at BoxWorks 2016

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Sep 08, 2016


It’s been an exciting couple of days here in San Francisco at BoxWorks, the annual customer conference for Box users. I look forward to BoxWorks every year, not only because I get to see my former colleagues, but because it’s an exceptional opportunity to hear from other IT leaders and industry experts about the issues, tools, and technologies that are shaping the workplace of the future. That workplace is something we are always thinking about at RingCentral as we work to empower an increasingly more connected, collaborative, and global workforce with our cloud-based UCaaS offerings.

This year, the dominant theme at the conference was partnerships, with Box announcing key partnerships with technology giants Google and IBM. Box unveiled plans for two key integrations with Google as the companies work together to make collaborating on cloud-based content even easier for its shared users. Box Relay, a workflow solution co-developed with IBM, will help users create, track and manage routine processes within Box. It’s clear that partnerships continue to be a core part of Box’s smart growth strategy as it expands its reach into the enterprise market. Peggy Johnson from Microsoft summed it up well in the keynote: when you focus on solving customer problems, you end up with surprising partnerships.

In other big news, yesterday RingCentral unveiled a new integration that allows Box users to share content over RingCentral SMS. RingCentral SMS for Box is a simple but powerful feature designed to make document sharing and viewing easier for mobile users. As a use case, imagine, for example, that you’re out of the office all day at a conference—as I am today—primarily relying on your smartphone to keep tabs on work. Meanwhile, your colleagues and customers are sending you documents that you need to receive, and view, on the fly. Typically those documents are sent via email, which. let’s be frank, isn’t always read in a timely fashion.

With the new integration, mutual customers of RingCentral and Box can bypass this friction point by receiving documents via text. Recent research by Dynmark and others reveals that email doesn’t even come close to competing with SMS in terms of immediacy and read rate. A whopping 90% of all texts are read within three seconds of being delivered, and texts enjoy a final read rate of 98%, compared to just 20% for email. By getting your documents via text, you can be assured that you’re seeing them right away, that you can access them with just a tap or two, and that you’re notified of any changes to an existing business-critical document like a sales contract or product spec sheet. Users can send the same text to up to 10 recipients at once, and addressing is easy because the feature is integrated with the RingCentral address book.

Notably, our integration is the first and only in Box’s ecosystem to offer SMS capabilities. It’s also the third Box integration we’ve built, and complements our fax and Glip integrations, all designed for joint RingCentral and Box users to simplify their work with the ability to seamlessly share files.

RingCentral FaxOut lets users send faxes directly from their Box accounts, an essential feature for government entities, medical and insurance companies, and others still heavily reliant on fax communications. And with the Glip integration, users can quickly share content housed in Box directly to their chat streams in Glip.

Our partnership with Box is unique in that we are both companies that were born in the cloud and live in the cloud. We’re both committed to developing integrations that are of value to our shared customer base. And we also share a belief that successful companies going forward will be those that are embracing digital transformation. We’re here to support them in that evolution by using the cloud to break down old-school silos that stand between us and a future where we’re all empowered to work smarter, faster, and better.

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