In our second annual survey on smartphone and tablet use, we gained some interesting insight into how small business professionals are using mobile devices at work and in their personal lives. Notably, nearly half of the 400 RingCentral customers whom we surveyed in March admitted to being addicted to their smartphones.

Smartphones Becoming Increasingly Important to Conducting Business
Smartphones have become vital to small business owners, who are now using them as their primary tool for staying connected to their customers.  In fact, smartphones are almost as widely used as landlines.


Business owners are using their smartphones to ensure that they are always available for their customers – whether it’s by phone or email.



With smartphones now an essential piece of running a business, usage has jumped up considerably in the last year.

chart 6











Tablet Usage Soars
Since their introduction into the market last year, tablets such as the iPad have surged in popularity. For this reason, we wanted to also capture a snapshot of their current usage. Based upon the results of our survey, small business professionals are using tablets in much the same way that they use PCs.

































Small Business Professionals Using Mobile Devices Anytime, Anywhere
Finally, we asked our survey respondents about their mobile device usage. Their answers clearly indicated the important of staying connected 24/7.

































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