You wouldn’t want every business call to ring on your mobile – but you can still be available when you’re away from the office. Yes, you can give your customers the human touch they need even after 5 o’clock. Simply set up your phone calls to be answered by your assistant and/or your voice messages to be monitored by the same or another assistant. All this can be done on the same extension.

You may want to take a couple things into consideration when deciding how to set up call forwarding. For example, you could set your preference to answer only urgent calls and to have your personal mobile number accessible only to family, friends and priority business associates, such as your assistant. You can also keep your account secure while retaining the ability to have someone monitor your voice messages.

Each of these options is possible using a Full Control answering mode on your extension:

  1. Uncheck your mobile phone from the list of forwarding numbers, so that your business calls don’t ring in the middle of your social functions.
  2. Add and check the forwarding number of your assistant, so he or she gets the calls instead. Note that you can indicate up to 10 forwarding numbers on your extension. (Link:
  3. Using the Advanced Call Forwarding Options on the assistant’s number, you can have the incoming business call display your RingCentral number (or called number), so that your assistant will know the call is a business call for you, and respond with a “Mr. John Doe’s office, how may I help you?” instead of the usual.
  4. Add your assistant’s email address to your Extension’s Notification Settings so he or she (without needing your password) gets your voice messages. Your assistant can then monitor the messages and alert you in the event that a crucial business transaction needs your immediate attention. (You continue to receive your messages via email or the RingCentral app.)

Ideally, you would set up and activate a separate customized Answering Rule to implement the first three items. This means you don’t need to modify your standard business hour rules.

Once you learn how to customize your forwarding settings, you can easily use them for any occasion – from spending time with your child to a date night with your better half. To make frequent changes easier, consider setting up a template. Then you won’t need to go through all these steps each time. I’d make my rule name “Away on Social Function” to remind me that calls will be forwarded to my assistant’s phone and not to my mobile phone.

What would your rule name be?