As Hurricane Sandy gathers steam, our first concern here at RingCentral is that all those in the Eastern U.S. remain safe. We realize many of our east coast customers may be forced to shut down temporarily — if that is the case, watch the video above on changing your company greeting to alert your customers. To change your personal extension greeting, watch the video below.

You may also want to forward your business lines to another phone number. Check out this post with video for instructions on setting up forwarding rules.

The RingCentral team took some precautions over the weekend to keep our service fully prepared.

  • First, we verified with operations personnel in Virginia that the data center is fully operational, passed all recent battery and generator run tests, and has three days of fuel on-site.
  • Second, we switched our east coast data centers over to our sites in California.
  • Third, we postponed all maintenance.
  • Fourth, we suspended firmware upgrades on customer phones.

We will continue to monitor the situation and when conditions improve, return to normal operations. To all those affected by Hurricane Sandy: you are in our thoughts and we wish you well.