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Sending a Live Call 'Straight' to Your Voicemail

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Did you know you can send a live call straight to voicemail?

If you have a Cisco or Polycom IP phone – available from the RingCentral online store – the process is simple.

On a Cisco phone, just follow this process:

1) Press the “bxfer” soft key during your call.
2) Press *0.
3) Enter your own extension number.
4) Press Dial.

If you’re using a Polycom phone, here’s the process to use:

1) Press the “Trans” soft key during your call.
2) Press the “blind” soft key.
3) Press *0.
4) Enter your own extension number.
5) Press Send.

If the RingCentral softphone is your primary phone, you can’t currently send a call directly to voicemail. You can, however, use the softphone to “voicemail screen” calls as they come in. Simply click the “screen voicemail” button in the main window of the softphone when it rings.

We hope these tips will help make call and voicemail management easy and painless on your RingCentral phone system!

Originally published Feb 14, 2012, updated Aug 07, 2020

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