Did you know RingCentral customers can segregate faxes by receiving fax number – and send them to different Call Controllers, account inboxes and notification email addresses?

If you have extensions on your RingCentral account, go to the My Settings tab. Under the Extension column, click on the link to choose the extension where you would like to receive the faxes for that number. For example, say you’d like to send faxes for fax number (888) 999-7777 to extension 7777. All you need to do is click on the link under the extension column to choose 7777. Apply the same procedure to the next fax number to assign it to its own extension.

Once assigned to their respective extensions, faxes will be separated by fax number and received:

  • Through the Call Controllers on different PCs logged in to their respective extension;
  • In the online account messages inbox logged in to their respective extension; and
  • Into the respective email address/es indicated on the notification settings page (from the My Settings tab, Notifications Settings link) for the assigned extension.

Unfortunately, those with fax-only plans and no extensions, will not be able to set up this feature. If you currently have a fax-only plan, you may explore the option of upgrading online to a voice-and-fax plan with free extensions at any time. Simply click on the My Settings tab Service Plan link, followed by the Change Service Plan link. If you need additional details prior to upgrading your account, you may also call Sales at (800) 574-5290 between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pacific time, Mondays through Fridays.