In today’s globalized environment, meetings play a key role for businesses.  They help make employee productive and build strong relationships among internal teams, partners, investors and customers. High-quality video conferencing enables the human connection, irrespective of distance.

Traditionally, deploying and configuring video conferencing have meant a ton of work for the IT department. In addition, it requires expensive investment on proprietary hardware and consistent maintenance. It also provides less flexibility to connect the mobile and international users while companies try to recruit talented workforce and extend business globally.

With cloud video conferencing, these challenges no longer exist. Your cloud provider, like RingCentral, manages your video environment and integration in the cloud, very little is needed from your on-site support team. Your IT department can focus on more pressing matters.

RingCentral Meetings: A Must-Have Cloud Video Conferencing

With the increase adoption of mobile usage and consumer video chat, we continue to invest on the technology that matches user expectations of easy of use and mobile friendly. RingCentral Meetings is built with mobile workers in mind, so joining an HD video conferencing or sharing content using a mobile device is easy, and participants can experience all the features that desktop users or room participants can.

Video conferencing is an effective communication for today’s business. We have designed RingCentral Meetings to align with this trend. Start, join, or schedule a meeting is only a clip (tap) away.  A RingCentral Meetings user can host unlimited online meetings anywhere to connect and collaborate with up to 500 video participants around the globe.  Everyone in the meeting can share screen, presentation, whiteboard, apps or files from a computer, a smart device or a room system.  Its intuitive interface provides easy in-meeting control, recording and chat that make every meeting experience consistent with quality and productivity.

Travel savings is no longer a primary reason for video conferencing. The quality of RingCentral Meetings brings a wider range of benefits to align with companies’ business objectives – improved employee productivity, better customer engagement, increased organization performance, global-ready expansion and much more. Check out this whitepaper — Seeing is Believing — to discover the insights of the positive financial ROI from RingCentral Meetings.