kid-5896-cx-impact2016_blog_r1 As cloud communications companies are maturing, many organizations are making the move to migrate their contact centers to the cloud. At the same time, we also see a departure from traditional contact center and call center metrics like average handle time, and towards newer, customer-focused metrics like customer satisfaction, or CSAT. These combined movements are bringing about real change in the contact center.

Want to chat about these changes?

I’ll be at the CX Impact event in Chicago on September 27–30. Come and join me when I host a roundtable entitled, “Satisfying the new consumer with an engaged, omnipresent agent.” We can chat talk about some of the changes we’ve seen in the customer experience industry.

I’ll also be talking about the increased number of the “relationship agent.” Large contact centers have traditionally been characterized by anonymity, where a customer could call the contact center ten times and never get the same agent twice. This reflects poorly in customer satisfaction metrics, particularly when a customer needs to call repeatedly to resolve a stubborn issue.

Organizations are now beginning to add capabilities to their contact center so that their agents can get tools they need to nurture customer relationships. One such solution is to combine the power of contact center functionalities with unified communications to boost customer satisfaction.

Want to learn more? Stop by the RingCentral booth and come to my roundtable. I look forward to talking to you about your experiences and see how we can increase customer satisfaction for your organization.