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Seasonal Tip: Change Your Hold Music to Holiday Tunes


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holiday hold music 1 The holidays are a special time when families get together to celebrate and eat great food! Why not celebrate the holidays with your business by using your RingCentral account as well? Keep customers entertained by getting into the holiday spirit this year. Below you will find a guide on how to change your hold music to something a little friendlier for this holiday season.

You could choose the classic holiday songs, or even better, record your own music! You have the option to come up with an original song, or recruit the help of your sales team to belt out holiday cheer.

Here’ show you can select the music to play to customers while they wait (briefly!) on hold:

Users: Log onto your RingCentral Account, click Settings, then Screening, Greeting & Hold Music.

screen, greeting, music In the middle panel, under “Audio While Connecting” (that’s hold music), click Set Audio. Then, click the Music button, select the drop-down menu, and choose Holiday. (You can listen to the selection by clicking the play button.) Click Save once you’re done to confirm your changes.

select holiday music You can also choose to customize your hold music. Simply, click Custom, then Browse to find and upload the audio file from your computer desktop. Once you’ve selected your personalized holiday greeting or song, click Save to confirm the changes.

Please note, if you are the primary Administrator for your RingCentral business account, then you also have the ability to set hold music for the whole company or for specific groups.

And don’t forget to update your call forwarding rules for the holiday season—you can adjust Office Hours to match your holiday schedule, and change your User Greeting. Admins can also change the Company Greeting to suit the season (and your business hours).

(Remember to return things to your regular business greetings, hold music, and office hours after you start the New Year! For more exciting features click here to see what else we updated for our 6.6 launch.)

Originally published Nov 26, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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