ringcentral app santa London, UK. – December 22, 2015 –RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG), a leading provider of cloud business phone systems, announced today that Santa’s Workshop, a housing factory where toys are manufactured and distributed by the elves and the residency for Santa, his wife (Mrs. Claus), companions and reindeer, have selected RingCentral to optimize communications across the facility as well as their worldwide distribution centres.

Prior to switching to RingCentral, Santa and his elves relied solely on verbally relaying children’s wishlists from the mail-room to the production line. As more and more children were turning to email to write to Santa, this system became much more complex and harder to manage. Regrettably, this culminated last year in many children being processed on the “Naughty List” instead of the “Nice List”.

Santa knew that he had to find a more efficient and productive way to communicate; he simply couldn’t risk disappointing so many children once again.

“I’m a firm believer in tradition, but I know when a system is broken,” said Santa a couple of weeks before beginning production. “The times are changing, and so are the needs of my little helpers. It’s a whole different world out there today, but communication is still the key.”

Following the switch to RingCentral, wishlists from both letters and emails are phoned or faxed directly to the respective “Naughty List” and “Nice List” team leaders and each department has its own dedicated voicemail to ensure no orders are ever overlooked.

Santa’s workshop made a seamless transition to using the RingCentral solution, and has already seen additional benefits of moving to the cloud before the big night.

  • Calls to the departments can be taken on the mobile phones of any team member, so order processing is not reliant on just one elf.
  • The factory is a lot quieter and more productive as elves no longer need to shout across the room and can now chat via Glip instant messaging.
  • Santa has even installed a phone wishlist service with international numbers, allowing children around the world to leave a message directly.
  • As the human population increases, Santa can now keep up with the scaling demand for toy production.

Thanks to RingCentral, Santa can once again be jolly at this time of year.

Editor’s note: If you believe your child was wrongfully on the “Naughty List” last year, the support desk is still open. Santa, in partnership with RingCentral, has kindly agreed to offer a free gift to anyone affected. Just email santa@ringcentral.com.

Happy Holidays for the entire RingCentral Team to you, and yours!