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Salesforce's 2012 Cloudforce Declaration: It's the Era of the 'Social Enterprise'

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Mar 20, 2012

Last week we attended‘s Cloudforce event in San Francisco, where we had a productive time catching up with the cloud community. We were especially interested in this year’s Cloudforce theme, “The Social Enterprise.”

Here’s how defines “the social enterprise“:

Social media is dramatically changing how we connect, share and collaborate. It’s time to transform your business for this new reality. To engage in new ways with customers, employees and everyone that matters to your business.

More specifically, the social enterprise understands that social media affects the entire business – from marketing, customer service, product and sales to human resources. A company that is truly “socialized” has employees across various departments contributing to the online conversation – whether they’re spokespeople, customer service ninjas or content producers.

At RingCentral, we continue to evolve as a social enterprise. From a community perspective, we are active in social networks frequented by our customers. We also believe in providing customer service through social channels and have a dedicated team that responds to customers’ posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and forums. Internally, we’ve implemented private social sharing, established a social media policy with engagement guidance and encouraged employees to participate in online conversations. Our progress toward becoming a social enterprise is ongoing.

So what’s your take on the notion of “The Social Enterprise?” What’s your vision for a social business? Watch the video above for a few perspectives from Cloudforce attendees.

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