A few months ago I blogged about how we at RingCentral are working hard to improve the service we provide. Part of that commitment is our new Support Center, introduced just a couple weeks ago.


As we continue on our journey to improve the RingCentral customer experience, we are always looking to provide better assets that can help you get more from your RingCentral service. To that end, our new Support Center provides Better SearchNew Learning Content and Case Submission! There is something for everyone … whether you are just getting started or an advanced user trying to optimize your RingCentral system. We designed the center’s content and videos based on real customer questions and will continue to enrich our support content moving forward.

Better Search

The search function in our old support portal was not at the standard we wanted – so we focused a lot of attention on improving it. Now, search in the Support Center is powered by Google. That means the same powerful search engine you (probably) use every day is indexing our support content. Search is faster and more accurate, helping you find the information you need in a snap.

New Learning Content

Thanks to RingCentral’s newly created content, the RingCentral Support Center is now a one-stop shop to get started, learn about the RingCentral system and check out popular help topics. Content is organized around high-level topics like Billing, Company Settings, User Settings, Softphone and Call Quality. Navigate to the Support Center’s main page at https://success.ringcentral.com/ to see the sections for yourself. Make sure to bookmark the Support Center homepage so you can return in the future!

Case Submission

When you cannot find what you are looking for in the Support Center, you can now create a support ticket on the web. Simply click the black “Contact Support” button near the top-right corner of each Support Center page, then log in with your RingCentral credentials and enter the details of your issue. You can also visit this page to check the status of an existing case whenever you want.

contact support

Please let us know in the comments section below what you think of this new customer resource as well the case submission method. We value your feedback and will strive to provide you with better content and even more flexible support options in the future!