We at RingCentral are embarking on a journey to delight our customers and keep them for life. We know it’s not a short journey, but it’s one to which we are fully committed.

The concept of delighting customers comes from Bill Price and David Jaffe’s book, The Best Service Is No Service. Price and Jaffe argue that customer delight starts with a company’s products or services, which must be intuitive, easy to set up and straightforward to use. In short, the product must simply work – something that’s easier said than done and typically takes a few iterations.

Another component of customer delight is ensuring that customers are taken care of in a timely manner.

In RingCentral’s efforts to delight our valued customers, we’ve redoubled our commitment to providing excellent service by retooling our processes, upgrading our resources and improving our customer assets (product guides, how-to videos and so on).

In addition, we continue to focus on infusing a customer service-centric culture at all levels. We’re collaborating more closely across different business functions to improve the customer experience. To that end, we are implementing a series of changes.

Recently, we established a new policy designed to empower Tier 1 support agents to consult advanced support specialists during customer calls in order to resolve issues as quickly as possible. While a speedy resolution is ideal, we also recognize that some technical issues require time to resolve. Thus, we encourage our agents to take as much time as is needed to resolve issues fully. If a problem can’t be solved in a single call, our Tier 1 agents hand the issue to an outbound agent group, which is responsible for scheduling follow-ups with the customer.

We are also invested in challenging the call demand – that is, looking at the topics that drive the most customer calls and systematically addressing them through product, knowledge and process enhancements. We are continuously adding relevant content to our support portal and welcome your feedback on its usefulness.

Overall, customers’ thoughts and opinions are vital to what we do. We greatly appreciate all the feedback you provide, both formally (via our customer satisfaction survey and the feedback link within your online account) and informally (via our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages). So keep the feedback coming! As one of my favorite artists, Vincent Van Gogh, said: “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.” With your help, we can make RingCentral even better.