We’re big fans of Fast Company magazine – it covers design, innovation, entrepreneurship and business success in a visually compelling and entertaining way. So we are excited to announce that Naveen Gupta, our chief product officer, authored a piece that appears this week on FastCompany.com.

Naveen Gupta

Naveen notes in his article the growing importance of text messaging (a.k.a. SMS) in business communications. The rise of SMS can be attributed to a number of factors, not the least of which is the influence of Millennials (and their $170 billion in buying power). Millennials have been sending dozens or hundreds of texts a week since adolescence, so it’s only natural that they want to text the companies with which they do business. blog_SMS

As SMS becomes more widely used in the corporate world, RingCentral is keeping pace: we introduced Business SMS in late 2012. Now, RingCentral Office customers can use their RingCentral numbers to call, fax and text customers and leads. We’re working hard to make business communications more seamless, and Business SMS is a big part of that initiative.

Check out Naveen’s FastCompany.com piece right here!