webrtc award

A little over a year ago today we launched our WebRTC API and SDK, allowing developers to integrate voice capabilities into Web browsers and business apps. Fast forward to today, and our WebRTC offering has been selected as 2017 WebRTC Product of the Year by TMC. This recognition validates the significance of our innovation and the continued momentum of WebRTC adoption by our customers since the first version went live in March of 2016.

WebRTC is growing exponentially in large part due to its’ compelling value proposition that allows businesses to leverage a technology that increases user productivity, which previously would have necessitated weeks of painstaking integration. Our engineering team has built a product that allows organizations to provide a seamless user experience by delivering real-time communications functionality. This significantly simplifies UCaaS integration for developers by leveraging common web development technology, therefore eliminating the process of developing and deploying code across multiple platforms.

The future of communications is software, and that software will be woven into every application, workflow, and process that we use because it makes the user experience seamless and collaborative. This unified experience will be a key factor in how communications in the workplace will evolve in the coming decade.  I foresee it reaching the point to where “making a phone call” will be as antiquated as “going online.” It ceases to be a distinct activity—it’s just ubiquitous and seamless.

But in order to accelerate this future, the legacy vendors providing siloed, on-premises communications solutions will disappear and be replaced with collaboration and communications features integrated into business applications used across the enterprise. Without a doubt, WebRTC represents one of the most exciting and transformative technologies that will make this future a reality.