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RingCentral Unveils New Webinar Solution

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Here at RingCentral, we’re always thinking about how we can meet our customers’ business communications and collaboration needs.  It involves a mix of tinkering and brainstorming to find little ways that our solutions can make everyone’s job a little bit easier, simpler, and more streamlined.

This is how RingCentral Webinar, our newest addition to the RingCentral portfolio, came to be. It’s no secret that we are staunch believers in the power of the cloud to simplify and unify business communications and collaboration—be it across team members, customers, or partners. We also believe that the right web conferencing solution should be seamless, secure and provide a unified experience for everyone.

However, web conferencing services are not all created equal. We architected and built RingCentral Webinar to be deeply integrated with our broader portfolio of solutions. Because it’s hosted on our cloud platform, customers can count on network reliability and high connection quality so their attendees are not left wondering what has been said or squinting at a fuzzy video.

With the array of devices employees use in the workplace today, RingCentral Webinar is accessible across all platforms and built to handle up to 3,000 attendees and 200 presenters in a single webcast. Designed for easy setup, RingCentral Webinar gives hosts the flexibility to customize and brand email communications and online registrations.

In addition to host controls, we have also paid great attention to the attendee experience. RingCentral Webinar has dual screen display, Q&A, polls, and chat to optimize attendee engagement. Also, post-event reporting capabilities provide data-driven insights so hosts can track participant activity to improve the experience for future webinars.

In the end, the simplicity and flexibility of RingCentral Webinar sets enterprises up for success. You can read our press release on this today or visit here for more information.

Originally published May 22, 2017, updated Oct 06, 2020

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