Mobile and cloud were the buzzwords most heard at this week’s DEMO Conference, where we launched our newest release of RingCentral to bring access to our cloud business phone system from any mobile device.

In introducing the Cloud category, Netsuite CEO Zach Nelson spoke about how “every business is becoming a cloud company,” with everyone from farmers to small businesses to some of the largest enterprises embracing the power of the cloud to optimize their business.

Intuit’s CEO Brad Smith also spoke at DEMO about the company’s corporate-wide mandate to focus on mobile. “All I want to hear about is mobile,” said Smith. He acknowledged that the trend away from PCs towards smartphones and smart devices has had a profound effect on customer behavior: “It has completely transformed our business. The computer has moved to the palm of our hands now.”

We know our customers are demanding mobile access from smartphones and tablets, which is why we launched RingCentral Touch to provide an easy, intuitive and mobile-optimized experience for both administrators and end users.

Above, we’ve shared the video of our DEMO presentation, featuring RingCentral’s VP of Product Marketing, Nisha Ahluwalia (pictured below).

Why spend thousands on an obsolete hardware PBX when you can use RingCentral?