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RingCentral's Channel Sales Director Appears on "Franchise Interviews"

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Bonnie Lam

Exciting news: Our senior director of channel and franchise sales, Bonnie Lam, appeared today on BlogTalkRadio‘s Franchise Interviews radio show.

Franchise Interviews has been discussing the business of franchises for more than 40 years. Some of the nation’s best-known companies are franchised – including Subway, Jiffy Lube, Quizno’s and H&R Block – so even if you’re not a franchisee yourself, there are lessons to be learned from Bonnie’s interview.

One such lesson is the extent to which cloud technology is coming to the fore. The reason, Bonnie noted, is that cloud services can add real value. “When there are new features available [in a cloud service], customers no longer need to throw out the equipment they’ve invested in. They receive updates automatically,” she said.

In addition, cloud solutions can greatly simplify businesses’ technology deployments. Bonnie offered as one example Gator Apple, a RingCentral customer that operates about 40 Applebee’s locations in the Southeast. By adopting RingCentral, Gator Apple was able to roll all of its stores under a single phone system. Now, it can transfer calls very easily – and it only receives one invoice a month, rather than 40.

Gator Apple isn’t the only franchise in RingCentral’s customer base, Bonnie went on to say. “Over 10 percent of our 300,000 customers are franchises,” she estimated. FILogo

Given the cost savings that come with RingCentral cloud phone service, it’s little wonder so many franchises are making the switch. “We can save franchisees and franchisors hundreds of dollars or thousands of dollars a month,” Bonnie indicated.

Overall, Bonnie added, the number of franchises considering cloud phone systems like RingCentral appears to be on the rise.

“We’re seeing big demand coming from the franchise world,” she said. “And our goal is not just to save franchises money – even though that’s important – but to help them use specific features to increase operational efficiency.”

Originally published Mar 07, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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