RingCentral Office has gained many enhancements over the last year and a half – Business SMS, free unlimited audio conferencing, HD video conferencing, intercom, call park and much more. These features come on top of the “invisible” improvements our engineers have made to audio quality, fax reliability and the functionality of the service website.

Now, Office is getting even better with new mobile-friendly features.

image_5 We already had the best mobile app in the integrated-communications-as-a-service (ICaaS) game (if we say so ourselves), and this month the app  has received some big improvements in speed and overall performance.

Audio quality on VoIP calls has been improved*, and admin users of both the iOS and Android versions of the app can view call logs for either their whole account or just their own extension.

Plus, the app is now fully compatible with RingCentral’s Presence feature: App users can view other users’ Presence status, while their own status will be broadcast across their RingCentral account (as long as VoIP Calling is enabled).

photo1 Even non-Office customers have something to enjoy: the app’s new, iOS 7-style look. Keep an eye out for this aesthetic – it will appear soon in our new softphone and on our website (both of which are undergoing major redesigns).

For all the details of what’s included in April’s release, check out the full release notes. (You may notice that the release notes themselves have gotten much more polished in a preview of what’s to come.)

*Note that call quality on the app is still dependent on the endpoint of your network. Using a non-QoS-enabled wireless router or your carrier’s data connection may result in lower-quality calls.