RingCentral channel partner program marketing communications stand out among its competitors’. Unsurprisingly, the RingCentral channel team comprises a group of dynamic, progressive entrepreneurs with a “hold-on-to-your-seats” style of innovation. Thanks to this mentality, RingCentral won the Channelnomics 2018 MSP Best Marketing Initiative award. Winners of other categories are global Fortune 500 companies, so the channel partner program is constantly challenging the status quo and setting new unconventional industry standards from which to operate.

The channel programs team does an exceptional job of indirectly guiding partners to think “RingCentral first.” This allows partners to take advantage of rewarding promotions, informative webinars, and insightful events that all contribute to the success of their businesses. The channel team has the creativity to understand what will catch a target audience member’s eye and thrive while using keen judgment to stand out from otherwise predominantly conservative industry approaches.

Through punny jokes and striking colors, the programs team is able to easily drive partners to engage more frequently in online training, webinars, certifications, promotions, events, and partner academies. And our team does this in such a compelling and humorous way that it has made our brand entertaining, engaging, and most importantly, memorable. Our initiatives are not just witty though, they are easy to read and absorb quickly.

The RingCentral channel’s brand voice reaches both master agents and partners through widely distributed communications and activities. To put it bluntly, our marketing initiative makes partners remember us, makes us more likable, and makes them want to do business with us. The channel programs team loves building these relationships with partners. Partners are loving and listening to the way we are speaking, as evidenced by the following stats:

  • Partner academy registration and attendance rates increased by 55% and 41% respectively YoY, yielding a 1.4x/1.5x increase over 2016.
  • Webinar registration and attendance rates increased by 155% and 151% respectively YoY, boasting a 2.6/2.5x increase over 2016.
  • Certifications grew at a 137% increase in ONE quarter, even though RingCentral doesn’t require them.
  • Email stats have all improved: Open rates are at 24% for spiffs and 21% for all, well above industry average.

The RingCentral channel programs team’s marketing strategy was so successful last year that we exceeded our goal of merely getting the attention of our key constituents to “Think RingCentral first.” Our strategy also drove revenue: Channel partners closed 12 of the 15 $1M total contract value (TCV) RingCentral deals in 2017. When RingCentral wins, so do its partners.