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RingCentral Provides Priority 1 E-Rate Certified Solution to Children's Public Education


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e-rate At RingCentral, we value education for adults and children alike. That is why we are pleased to announce that we have empowered the non-profit education organization, Tri-Valley Learning Corporation (TVLC), through an E-Rate certified solution. TVLC will now be able to to streamline communication among its five California locations, letting the organization scale up efficiently as it continues to grow.

Founded in 2005, Tri-Valley Learning Corporation (TVLC) provides public education options for children in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Tri-Valley region and in other regions of California.

The RingCentral solution is Priority 1 E-Rate certified as part of schools and libraries universal service support program; TVLC was able to take advantage of the available discounts under this program. This allowed TVLC to provide its staff with a flexible, reliable, state-of-the-art, cloud-based solution at an even more affordable price.

Prior to RingCentral, each TVLC location used separate on-premises PBX systems, which presented several obstacles. First, many of the facilities were temporary and/or leased, which meant a large investment to get phone systems up and running. The lack of online meeting capability meant face-to-face conversations and training sessions were necessary, requiring costly and time-consuming travel. Finally, employees were often using personal cell phones for work related communication.

“We wanted to feel unified and have a sense of connectivity that our old PBX systems just could not provide,” says Julie Lassig, Director of Development for Tri-Valley Learning Corporation. “Also, whenever any joint work needed to be done, we would have to pack up and leave, but with RingCentral, we can utilize the video conferencing and screen-sharing capabilities.”

As the organization continues to grow, RingCentral will scale seamlessly to meet TVLC’s needs by making it easy to add new users and manage the entire system across all five or more locations from one dashboard, accessible from anywhere. With five current locations in Livermore, Stockton and San Diego, the company plans to continue its expansion.

Lassig is particularly impressed by the RingCentral mobile app. “One of the things I love about RingCentral is that we can turn our employees’ cell phones into work phones without giving away personal information by simply using the RingCentral mobile app,” Lassig says. “Our IT staff is also looking forward to using RingCentral Meetings to help staff members with troubleshooting.”

The entire RingCentral team is thrilled that we can make this cloud communication contribution to Tri-Valley Learning Corporation to help their business thrive during this period of expansion.

Originally published Nov 06, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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