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RingCentral Office: New Features Added in 2013's First Half

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This year we’ve has made a number of improvements to Office (our complete business phone system). These improvements include:

A new user interface

RingCentral's new interface

RingCentral’s new interface

From the beginning of the year, all new Office plans came standard with our latest interface. Streamlined, sped up and optimized for mobile devices, the latest version of the RingCentral web interface makes it easy for you to manage all of your business communications in one place.

Business SMS

You asked, and we delivered: the hosted VoIP industry’s first text messaging product! With Business SMS – offered on all Office plans in the US and Canada – you can send and receive text messages with your RingCentral business numbers. Business SMS gives you another channel with which you can communicate.


Conferencing, included on all Office plans in the US, provides every user with a unique conference bridge number. With our latest iOS and Android apps, it’s even possible to create conferences on the go, then invite attendees via email or text message.

Automatic call recording

Available on all Office Unlimited plans, automatic call recording enables you to record all inbound and outbound calls on your RingCentral Office account. Soon, auto call recording will work for incoming department calls (currently, it only supports calls to individual extensions).

Call Park Call Park

One of RingCentral’s newest features, Call Park allows inbound calls to be “parked” in the cloud and then picked up by another extension. It makes call management easier than ever!


Work in an open-plan office or have alternate facilities outside your main office? Intercom is a great way to voice-message colleagues quickly. And it works perfectly with Call Park – you can announce parked calls to your colleagues in a snap. integration

Are you a Salesforce Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited customer? If you are – and you’re also a Windows user – you can integrate your Salesforce account with your RingCentral Office Unlimited account. RingCentral’s Salesforce app, which installs on top of the RingCentral softphone, will automatically pull up contact information in Salesforce as calls come in. The app enables you to save call notes to Salesforce, as well. SFDC

For more details of RingCentral’s newest features on a plan-by-plan basis, visit these pages:

Originally published Jul 18, 2013, updated Aug 07, 2020

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