We are excited to announce that RingCentral has officially become an approved solution provider in Ingram Micro’s cloud marketplace! Our team is spending this week at Ingram Micro’s Cloud Summit in Phoenix, Ariz., where more than 500 Ingram Micro resellers are enjoying the sunshine. During the summit, Ingram resellers will have an opportunity to learn about how adding RingCentral to their portfolio will enable them to deliver a world-class IP communications platform to their customers.IM2013

On Monday, RingCentral’s female team members participated in the “Women in the Cloud” discussion hosted by Ingram Micro’s VP of Cloud Services – Rene Bergeron – where there were active discussions on how the cloud opens up more opportunities for women.

Yesterday, we joined the inspiring general session, where one of RingCentral’s new Ingram Micro resellers – Pro-Tech – was highlighted for its success in delivering cloud services to its customers in Memphis, Tenn. We also got to experience the story of Apollo 13 through Mission Commander Captain James A. Lovell, Jr.’s guest appearance. Jim shared with the audience the amazing teamwork and leadership that was involved in getting him and his crew back to Earth after their spacecraft suffered a series of mishaps on the Apollo 13 mission. He concluded his journey with a key learning that he walked away with after the mission:

“In life, there are three types of people. There are people who make things happen. There are people who watch things happen. And there are people who wonder what happened.”IM2013_1

Thanks to Jim for sharing his journey and wisdom with us. And thanks to Ingram Micro and RingCentral’s incredible teams for making this partnership happen!