pc mag choice 2015 In 2013 RingCentral was named PC Magazine Editor’s choice with an “Excellent” rating (with 4 stars out of 5). This year, along with a rating of “Excellent”, we received 4.5 stars out of 5!

“What sets RingCentral apart from all the competition … is the smorgasbord of features the company has crammed into the service” the magazine wrote. “The RingCentral portal is really straightforward, and more modern than Jive Hosted VoIP’s portal … We found it easy to create call-routing rules, which is important, as that is probably where administrators will spend the bulk of their time.”

The reviewers were especially impressed with our many updates and improvements, “We were impressed at how RingCentral addressed our earlier review’s quibbles with new, powerful features. Its system is extremely versatile and can be configured to fit practically any kind of business, whether that’s a multi-branch organization, a small operation with a high call volume, or just a sole proprietorship trying to project a professional image.”

And, we are excited to receive another outstanding endorsement from PC Magazine, “We found RingCentral to be an impressive, professional VoIP platform for businesses, and much easier to administer and use than you’d expect in such a complex platform. If you’re in the market for a virtual PBX, we recommend RingCentral Office.”

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