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RingCentral MVP—now available on AWS Marketplace


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RingCentral and Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an, Inc. company (NASDAQ: AMZN) announced a strategic collaboration making RingCentral’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution available to customers.

Together, RingCentral and AWS will allow businesses to modernize their communications by jointly supporting and providing RingCentral’s industry-leading cloud solution, RingCentral MVP (Message, Video, Phone), to its customers. 

So, what makes RingCentral the ultimate choice for companies looking to modernize their business communications

RingCentral MVP’s cloud solution benefits:

AWS customers now have the privilege of adding RingCentral’s proven and comprehensive UCaaS solution to their toolkit. This collaboration enables organizations to not only work better but also work smarter, aligning perfectly with the evolving needs of the modern workplace.

By simplifying the complexities of digital transformation, RingCentral offers a cost-effective, feature-rich communication system that bundles business phone services, video meetings, and team messaging, keeping your employees connected at all times, from any location, and on any device.

The advantage of RingCentral being available on AWS Marketplace

AWS Marketplace is an online store that makes it easy for customers to find, compare, and immediately start using the software and services that run on AWS. Visitors to AWS Marketplace can use 1-Click deployment to quickly launch preconfigured software and pay only for what they use, by the hour or month. AWS handles billing and payments, and software charges appear on the customer’s AWS bill.

By making RingCentral available on AWS Marketplace, we’re providing AWS customers with easy access to our UCaaS solution, further enhancing the value of AWS’s comprehensive ecosystem.

This collaboration ensures that customers can seamlessly integrate RingCentral’s advanced communication tools into their AWS environment—offering a streamlined, hassle-free, and efficient experience.

Once AWS customers adopt RingCentral through AWS Marketplace, they can also enjoy the benefits of:

  1. Flexible pricing, terms, and payment options
      • Negotiate custom terms like Standard Contracts and create unique agreements
      • Use flexible options like pay-as-you-go, multi-year contracts, and custom payment scheduler
  2. Speed and governance while procuring software
      • Balance speed and agility using a streamlined purchasing process and one-click deployment while ensuring procurement oversight
  3. Simplified AWS billing
      • Leverage consolidated AWS billing, cost analysis using Cost Explorer, and subscription management
      • Purchases in AWS Marketplace qualify against your EDP commitment

RingCentral and AWS—Better Together

The partnership between RingCentral and AWS is set to redefine the way businesses communicate, collaborate, and modernize their operations. 

RingCentral’s availability on AWS Marketplace is a testament to our commitment to providing businesses with the best-in-class communication solutions in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Embrace the future of unified communications, where innovation meets reliability, and stay ahead in the new age of work with RingCentral and AWS.

Explore RingCentral on AWS Marketplace and get started with a free consultation today!

Originally published Sep 19, 2023, updated Sep 20, 2023

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