On Thursday, May 11, thirty-two superlative Silicon Valley female leaders were commemorated at the YWCA Silicon Valley Tribute to Women Awards in San Jose. Each honoree was nominated by a top executive for their contributions as leaders and role models in their companies and their communities.

RingCentral’s Anita Richards, VP of Customer and Partner Marketing, was nominated by RingCentral executives Riadh Dridi, CMO, and Clyde Hosein, former CFO, for the vision and success she has brought to her team and to the company.


Anita Richards, on the right, with husband and daughter on the left.

Anita and her Customer and Partner Marketing organization is responsible for customer life-cycle marketing, field and partner marketing—including approximately 30 quarterly field events, and the highly rated Connect Central user conference. In addition, she leads initiatives such as launching RingCentral’s Customer Advisory Board and managing partner marketing that includes strategic industry alliances, franchises, integration, and national account partnerships.

Anita has the rare ability to combine strategy with strong execution. She leads by example and is passionate about developing strong leaders who deliver results. Her department has been critical in transforming RingCentral into a customer-centric organization.

When asked, “How can we inspire the next generation of women leaders?” Anita’s advice is “Don’t wait for life to inspire you, look to inspire life. Find the purpose and meaning in your current projects and roles and use that to fuel your commitment, leadership, and future direction. Your authentic style of leadership will shine through, and you’ll discover your strengths and passions to make a difference.”

We congratulate Anita for this great acknowledgement of her stellar accomplishments both here at RingCentral and within her family and community.