Exciting news: RingCentral has been awarded an award for superior business VoIP service from small-business product-review site!

The award, aptly titled the “ChooseWhat Check”, gives a seal of approval to different business tools in different categories. You can check out RingCentral’s review at this link.

ChooseWhat helps small businesses and sole proprietors make big purchase decisions by providing excellent advice, detailed comparison outlines of products and services and comprehensive reviews of business tools.

The ChooseWhat Check program aims to better guide small businesses in choosing the best tools and services for their business. To qualify for a ChooseWhat Check, a product or service has to fit the following criteria: Affordability; Feature Richness; and Excellent Customer Support.

This year, the ChooseWhat Check for Business VoIP, hosted PBX, and online fax services has been awarded to RingCentral – a testament to the power of RingCentral Office to improve the way businesses communicate!