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RingCentral Introduces Glip Team Messaging and Collaboration to RingCentral Office Customers


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A complete, modern platform for enterprise communication and collaboration ought to support multiple modes of interaction – including making the phone ring.

This week, we’re introducing Glip team messaging and productivity as an addition to the existing RingCentral Office offering. We are excited to show the world how these two products are better together. Having established itself as a leader among cloud phone services for business, RingCentral is giving its customers new ways to get organized and be more productive with Glip. Now it’s easier than ever to have team conversations that include text chat, file sharing, and structured collaboration such as task management and team calendars. By adding in click-to-call and an employee directory, customers and reach out to coworker on the phone without the need to look up and dial their numbers separately. The point is to put all modes of communication and collaboration at an employee’s fingertips without requiring one to toggle between six or seven applications to get work done.

As the founder of Glip, I became Vice President of Applications for RingCentral following the acquisition in June. I am excited about the opportunity to introduce Glip to a whole new audience of RingCentral Office customers, many of whom will be learning for the first time how much more productive they can be by using Glip for both their communication and collaboration needs. When Glip and RingCentral are used together, either at your desk or on the go, phone communication becomes just another option for business collaboration: create a message, create a task, place a call, start a video-conference,and more. It’s that easy!

Read the full story on Glip’s blog here.

Originally published Nov 02, 2015, updated May 24, 2021

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