The rapid adoption of smartphones in the consumer realm has had an impact on the business world and on how people today get work done around the globe. Whether someone is sitting in their office in New York or London or working remotely, today’s modern workforce demands solutions that enable them to work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 

RingCentral helps companies better communicate and collaborate around the world and is excited to further this goal with Intelligence Partner. Today we announced a new partnership with Intelligence Partner based in Barcelona, Spain. Intelligence Partner specializes in cloud computing technology and services throughout the holistic life cycle and technology needs that power today’s modern workforce. RingCentral is an important addition to a suite of offerings that include Tableau, Salesforce, Google Google Workspace, and more.

This presents an exciting opportunity for RingCentral and Intelligence Partner as they enable companies of all sizes to more effectively collaborate and connect with their customers, partners, and employees. A unique advantage is that Intelligence Partner is one of the world’s few Google Premier Partners. RingCentral’s integrations with Google Workspace empowers workforces to be more productive as users can seamlessly utilize the communications capabilities of RingCentral while working in Google Workspace. These capabilities include:  

  • Listening to voicemails and sending/receiving text messages with the RingCentral Chrome Extension
  • Click to dial and click to SMS phone numbers that appear in the Chrome browser
  • Scheduling online meetings and audio conferences directly from Google Calendar
  • Making phone calls and sending messages to contacts within a Gmail conversation
  • Logging in to RingCentral using Google credentials

It’s an exciting time for cloud communications in Europe. As our Channel Chief has said, cloud communications is the product of the century. Working with leading partners around the world, RingCentral is excited to help Spanish businesses take full advantage of what cloud communications can offer. Here’s is to successful collaboration with the Spanish business community in 2018.