RingCentral sponsored Integrate 2015 Conference and Hackathon in late September, and today we’re happy to officially announce the prize winners for both the hackathon, as well as the eagerly anticipated DJI Inspire drone booth giveaway.

Hackathon Winning Teams

Developers at the hackathon were able to earn an opportunity to win the RingCentral Sponsorship Prize by using RingCentral’s voice, SMS, or data APIs, and to build the most innovative integration or app.

  • 1st Place Prize, $4000.00: TrustWordy. This is an communication auditing app that helps companies avoid hefty fines from SEC. Why? Expert Networks have incurred the wrath of SEC insider trading rules in recent years, resulting in as much as $600M in fines in one case. The TrustWordy team built an app that leverages RingCentral’s Call Recording API and a 3rd party voice-to-speech transcriptions service.  Expert Network firms that uses RingCentral and this app can automatically flag and report calls that violate SEC rules and avoid hefty fines. This project caught the attention of ProgrammableWeb and NoJitter:
    • Technologies Used
      • Ruby on Rails
      • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Team Members
      • Mr. & Mrs. Janet Brown
  • 2nd Place Prize, $2000.00: CustoME used the RingCentral Call Recording API, extracted and extrapolated the voice of a customer (it’s smart enough to filter out the support rep’s own voice), and then leveraged IBM Watson to rate a customer’s mood based on the keywords used.
  • 3rd Place Prize, $1000.00: Just Like Me is described as “Tinder for Conflict Zones”.  The idea is that individuals on opposing sides of a conflict zone may be interested in getting to know each other, and this app is set up to match and enable communication between those individuals. The Just Like Me team used the RingCentral RingOut and SMS APIs to build an anonymized communication channel between matched members.  Although this is not RingCentral’s typical wheelhouse (it’s more consumer than business), we felt that they used our API in an innovative and thought-provoking manner.
  • Honorable Mention Prize, $500.00: Foodnate is a service that helps restaurants donate food to local charities in need. The Foodnate team used RingCentral’s SMS API to enable the communication between restaurants and charities. When there is food available, all registered charities near the restaurant receives an SMS notification.  The first one to respond gets confirmed as the recipient, and the service is then used to arrange food pickup/delivery.

RingCentral Booth Prize Winner

Once the hackathon at Integrate 2015 had completed, the Integrate API conference began. RingCentral was in full force with a strong presence at our booth space. It was great to speak with developers, business, and industry leaders.

hackathon tshirt RingCentral gave conference attendees who visited our booth the best developer t-shirt ever, and of course the prize that everyone at our booth wanted, the DJI Inspire drone worth over $2500.00. And the winner is… Saif Khan. Congratulations to you Saif, and thanks to everyone who made this event possible and such a success!