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RingCentral: An All-Inclusive Phone Solution Built For Your Industry


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industry verticals By now, you probably know that RingCentral is easy to use, adaptable and provides an all-inclusive cloud phone system. But did you know that RingCentral is an ideal system for the construction industry? What about the real estate sector? Below, we will address some key industries that would benefit the most from integrating RingCentral into their businesses.


construction_small The construction industry consists of workers in multiple office locations, and sometimes not in the office at all. With RingCentral solutions, you can streamline your communications across multiple locations. RingCentral’s features give you an industry advantage. RingCentral is reliable enough to help you juggle many geographic locations and simultaneous projects typical of the construction field. Best of all, with RingCentral you can conveniently and quickly set up communication systems at temporary sites and tear them down even faster. Find out how you can immediately streamline your communications across multiple locations and job site by downloading this construction brief


professional services_small Professional services may include firms in accounting, advertising, consulting, law, and many other fields. Professional services require an open and direct line to the business. Many of your calls are urgent and RingCentral can help. RingCentral is highly adaptable, intuitive, and mobile-ready. Conveniences such as automatic product updates and self-service settings empower you to customize phone features as often as you want. So whether you are an accountant or a lawyer, RingCentral ensures  you can optimize your responsiveness to your clients. Download our professional services brief to learn how you can boost your client engagement with RingCentral’s industry-leading cloud collaboration tools.


real estate_small RingCentral ensures real estate businesses stay equally connected to both their offices and clients. Real Estate professionals are constantly moving between the office and property listings at any given point, often times working from many different locations in a single day. Timing and details can make or break a huge deal. It is crucial to have a reliable phone system like RingCentral  to keep agents on schedule, synced and organized. Best of all, RingCentral is fully mobile and easy to manage, meaning that whether you’re in the field or on the road you will stay connected. See how our reliable communications system will enable you to never miss a beat! Learn more benefits in our real estate industry brief


tech industry_small The tech industry is all about innovation and transformation. That means tight deadlines and immense pressure to deliver new information products and services. On top of this, tech executives expect this to be done while increasing revenue and decreasing operational costs. RingCentral requires zero costly hardware to maintain. The tech industry is becoming progressively more mobile and located globally. RingCentral can rapidly simplify your communications solution from anywhere in the world, while reducing your overall costs. All of this requires a reliable communications system that can support your intense environment — without compromise — while being cost-efficient. Read the full tech industry brief to learn more about how RingCentral can improve your business’ communication needs.


Originally published Jul 16, 2014, updated Sep 11, 2020

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