mobilebeat2013 RingCentral is at VentureBeat’s MobileBeat 2013 conference this week in San Francisco! We’ve  just announced our latest mobile suite of features, not the least of which is a new version of the RingCentral mobile app for iOS and Android.

photo (1) The new app includes an easier navigation interface – you can now swipe left to access the main menu – and addresses a number of bugs. Plus, it features:

  • One-tap conference calls. RingCentral Conferencing is already included in all Office plans in the U.S. Now you can use the RingCentral app to set up conference calls and invite participants via text message. Easy!
  • Faxing. Yep, that’s right: you can now send faxes directly from the RingCentral app. It even integrates with Dropbox, so you can attach files saved in your Dropbox account.
  • Better VoIP calling. Both the iOS and Android versions of our app have supported VoIP calling for some time. Now, the app features a VoIP call quality indicator. VoIP works on both Wi-Fi and data connections.
  • Presence support. RingCentral Presence allows users to see the phone status of their colleagues. With the latest version of our app, Presence captures users’ mobile phone availability.

Don’t forget about Business SMS, as well – RingCentral’s first-in-class solution for sending text messages to business contacts. Business SMS is available exclusively with RingCentral’s iOS and Android apps in all U.S. and Canada Office plans. photo

And, on certain tiers of Office, we now have a Windows app and automatic call recording. The former is ideal for Salesforce power users, as it brings a RingCentral dialer and contact manager directly into the Salesforce web interface. The latter is perfect for health care or financial-services organizations, where record-keeping and regulatory compliance are imperatives.

“It’s more than simply supporting mobile devices in the workplace,” RingCentral product marketing VP Nisha Ahluwalia says about our latest mobile features. “It’s about optimizing business communications for increased efficiency and productivity.”

Planning to be at this year’s MobileBeat conference? Don’t miss RingCentral network operations VP Curtis Peterson as he discusses the growing software-as-a-service market. He and executives from Easilydo and Crushpath will be speaking at 1:55pm Pacific time on Tuesday, July 9 in the Marina room.

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