At RingCentral, we’re committed to delivering a unified business communications experience for the enterprise. I firmly believe that in order to empower today’s modern, mobile workforce, enterprises need an anywhere, anytime communications solution that is flexible and makes it easier to communicate, collaborate, and connect.

The product team at RingCentral continues to strengthen integration capabilities with time-saving features that boost productivity and bring users’ business communications needs together. For instance, RingCentral users can already initiate calls and send SMS messages directly from their Chrome browser. And to simplify things further, users also can log in to their RingCentral accounts using their associated Gmail addresses.

With all these great features, I’m excited to announce two new integrations that make it even easier and faster for users to benefit from RingCentral features within Google Workspace. These include:

Auto User Provisioning: Auto User Provisioning significantly simplifies the onboarding process by allowing IT administrators to automatically create and delete users in RingCentral Office. Google Workspace admins can also use the RingCentral admin console to automatically assign users a RingCentral phone number. Plus, everyone at your company will be able to see new colleagues as RingCentral contacts immediately. This new process is available with all RingCentral tiers and brands the in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and European Union countries. (Note: Your company must have a valid Google Workspace account.)

Google Drive: Within RingCentral Service Web, you can now use your RingCentral archiver to automatically save voice recordings, text messages, faxes, and voicemails to your Google Drive account. (For Enterprise customers, transcripts are also included.)

These key new features join other RingCentral integration capabilities such as:

  1. Click-to-dial and SMS: Click a phone number on any page in a Chrome browser to make a call or send an SMS using the RingCentral for Google Chrome extension.
  2. Google Login and SSO support: Google Workspace users can now use their email credentials to log in to their RingCentral account or SAML-based SSO for a unified experience across web, mobile, and desktop.
  3. Integrated softphone: Inside Gmail Inbox and Google Calendar, the RingCentral for Desktop softphone is always available with a multitude of feature attributes.
  4. Meetings: Schedule and join a RingCentral meeting, audio conference, or Google Hangout from your Chromebook.

To learn more about all of the RingCentral integrated communications features for Google Workspace, visit RingCentral for Google.

Customers need to call RingCentral to enable Auto User Provisioning.