RC+Zapier Blog Image Since RingCentral launched Connect Platform in early 2015, we have seen tremendous growth in usage and adoption of our open APIs.  Customers and partners eagerly joined our developer program to build a wide array of custom communication tools, dashboards, dispatch services, and business workflows.

Some of our customers, however, have no access to developers.  As a product manager, it was pretty frustrating to see these customers who want to take advantage of RingCentral’s open platform but do not have the resources to do so.

That all changed today. I’m happy to announce our new integration with Zapier is now in public beta.  Zapier is the leading provider of ‘integration as a service’.  This amazingly powerful platform is pre-integrated with more than 500 leading productivity and business services that many of our customers use: Google Mail, Salesforce, NetSuite, Mail Chimp, Basecamp, Box, Amazon S3… the list goes on.  With RingCentral for Zapier, you can create custom workflows between RingCentral and the apps and services you use the most without doing development.

Some examples of custom integrations you can build with Zapier include:

  • Automatically archive your call recordings and voicemails to Box, GDrive, Dropbox, or S3.
  • For incoming calls from specific numbers, automatically create a case in Salesforce, Zendesk, or Basecamp.
  • Use RingCentral as both the trigger and action: If an inbound call is missed, send a group text to support agents to ensure someone responds.

Ready to try this out?  Simply go to zapier.com, create a free account, and search for ‘RingCentral’ to use as either the trigger or action for your custom Zap.  It’s that simple.  We also want to hear your feedback!  If you experience any issues or have new feature requests, please send your comments to zapier@ringcentral.com.