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RingCentral for ServiceNow Integration is Here

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servicenow integration When a number of RingCentral customers, who were also ServiceNow users, approached us asking if we could embed RingCentral Office into the ServiceNow application and interface, it was a clear validation of our view that core business applications become significantly more effective when a company’s unified communications solution – namely RingCentral Office – is infused within business critical applications.

ServiceNow is currently used by more than 2,000 organizations, some of which are also RingCentral customers. Within those organizations, many employees essentially “live” within ServiceNow to do their jobs. Employee productivity and the delivery of exceptional customer experiences being critical success factors for these organizations, it makes sense to have all of their business communications capabilities – including phone, voicemail, SMS, audio and video conferencing, online meetings and fax – immediately accessible and available within the ServiceNow application and interface. It’s a simple, common sense idea: infuse your business communications solution into your key application so everything you need to be efficient and effective in your job is in one place, on one screen.

So, our response to the customers who contacted us was, “Of course. No problem.”

At RingCentral, we believe that embedding RingCentral Office into other leading cloud business applications is a logical, productivity-enhancing next step for our customers. It makes every application a communication endpoint, streamlining business processes and accelerating positive business outcomes.

To that end, we’ve created an open architecture and open API to enable just this sort of efficiency driving integration. Organizations in a variety of industries have taken advantage of this ability to embed RingCentral Office into office suites and a host of well-known and heavily used business applications.

RingCentral also offers pre-built integrations for Microsoft, Google,, Zendesk, and other popular applications. You can learn more about these at:

As it happens, RingCentral is the first UCaaS provider to enable such an integration with ServiceNow, much to the delight of our mutual customers.

What we’ve heard from our colleagues at ServiceNow is that this capability is powering a whole new level of productivity among ServiceNow customers. It helps them resolve incidents and cases more quickly, and enables them to spot trends or bugs that may need to be referred for action or remediation.

Activating this RingCentral for ServiceNow integration couldn’t be simpler. The RingCentral for ServiceNow integration app can be downloaded from the ServiceNow app store. Once downloaded, the app runs in your ServiceNow account, and uses any RingCentral endpoint (desk phone, RingCentral mobile app, RingCentral for Desktop, etc.) for dialing and call handling.

Most notably, ServiceNow users can click to dial any phone number simply by using the built-in RingCentral dial pad to make calls from within ServiceNow. For incoming calls, the app brings up any matching customer or user record, further streamlining users’ workflows and expediting the resolution of issues that arise.

knowledge 16

By the way, RingCentral will be ServiceNow’s annual conference Knowledge 16, next week in Las Vegas, May 15- 20. We’re at booth #2215.  If you’re headed to the expo, stop by to say hello and we’ll show you our new integration!

Originally published May 13, 2016, updated Aug 11, 2020

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